• Is now the right time to tackle that issue ?
  • …helping relieve extreme pain… Thank you Christina. You are helping to make my life more bearable Jan 12th 2015 JA
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  • Don’t be afraid or nervous – it’s safe! Anne R, Yorkshire
  • Don’t think about it DO IT! You won’t regret it. Jo, Greenlaw
  • How does it get any better than this ?
  • …you will put them totally at ease with your warm, friendly & matter-of-fact attitude. Jackie Walker, Blainslie
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  • Inspiration without action is just entertainment. The entertainment is good, but it doesn’t change your life Mary Morrissey
  • Worth every penny Feb 2015

In line with recommended safe practises for return to work as of 22nd July 2020, Christina now wears a face screen and changes cotton gloves for each new client.

You are welcome to wear your own face covering only if you wish to.

Clinic location has frequent anti-bacterial and anti-viral cleansing of door handles and common surfaces and we request that you use the provided (or your own) hand cleanser upon entry and exit to the building.

The bathroom is available but again we request use of thorough hand washing and use of sanitiser provided.

Please help us all in maintaining heightened hygiene practises so that we can give much-needed health services at this time – thank you for your assistance in this – so much appreciated.