Christina’s Shiatsu and Energy Work has a policy of continuous improvement so all clients are asked for feedback after a number of treatments. We do value all comments and use them to improve our services and the clients experience.

What folks are saying…

About Reiki training Level One:

”A peak experience ” F D J, Ayton

Would you recomment this course to others?

“Highly” Jackie Walker, Blainslie
“Yes!” Graeme, Selkirk
“Definately – without hesitation!” Jo, Greenlaw
“Absolutely!” Sue, Earlston

Any comments to make to others who are contemplating taking this course?

“Encouragement to relax & enjoy. It isn’t rocket science & they may feel worried, but you will put them totally at ease with your warm, friendly & matter-of-fact attitude.” Jackie Walker, Blainslie

“Go for it…and enjoy!” Graeme, Selkirk

“Don’t think about it DO IT! You won’t regret it.” Jo, Greenlaw

“Don’t be afraid or nervous – it’s safe!” Anne R, Yorkshire
“Take this course with Christina if you are looking for something that will have a very profound effect on your life.” Sue, Earlston

How were the explanations?

“Brilliant & clear, no ambiguity” Jackie, Blainslie
“Very clear all the time and Christina is so approachable that anything you were unsure of, you can ask.” Jo, Greenlaw
“Physical demonstrations excellent and other info etc very comprehensive” Anne R, Yorkshire
“Very good! Explicit without being complicated with too much detail.” Tsukimaro, Kelso
“Extremely clear and well-paced” Sue, Earlston
“Clear and concise and in everyday language.” E V, Coldstream
“Very clear and easy to apply.” Pam, Berwick

What aspects did you most enjoy?

“Having a hands-on treatment, and of course my localised pain in the gullet tract… that disappeared!” Graeme, Selkirk
“All of it! – Your bread actually! Jackie, Blainslie
“Both giving and receiving were equally enjoyable. What I have most enjoyed is a reconnection with a part of myself that I have hidden for far too many years.” Sue, Earlston
“Being able to share being “open” to experience life on another level with others. Feeling safe & secure in a lovely space to explore possibilities.” Tsukimaro, Kelso
“Practising and receiving Reiki hands-on with other course members. The Healing Room/Space is beautiful.” Ann R, Yorkshire
“Starting to be at one with myself and the group – almost the feeling of a new family.” Pam, Berwick
“The company, the treatments and the knowledge to make changes.” E V, C oldstream
“Discovering that there is as much peace and relaxation in giving healing as there is in receiving it. Spending time in such a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere.” Jo, Greenlaw

How confident do you now feel about giving yourself healing energy? And to friends and family?

“I am looking forward to it. I have for some time wanted to live my life in a more sacred way but wasn’t quite sure what that meant. I feel that Reiki will show me the way and that self-healing will be very timely and powerful at this point in my journey.” Sue, Earlston
“Confident to apply to myself and family – others when I have practised more.” E V, Coldstream
“Fairly confident but expect to grow with the daily use in my life from now on.” Pam, Berwick
“Very confident to myself. Slightly apprehensive re others but raring to go and hopeful that confidence will build!” Jo, Greenlaw
“Very confident – I feel very empowered!” Tsukimaro, Kelso
“Very confident giving it to myself – reserve judgement until more experience on friends/family. Will really need feedback from them I think.” Ann R, Yorkshire

About Reiki training Level Two:

“A fantastic journey of self-discovery. Thank you.” Jennie Sullivan
“Enlightening experience, enjoyable. Christina is a really good teacher – explains all angles so clearlly & doesn’t rush things. A very spiritual experience.” Elsie Brown (Angel)
“A fantastic journey on the path of awareness, light , love and energy” Pam Thompson
“The Reiki Two weekend with Christina & fellow students proved to be the most beautiful, powerful and all encompassing experience of my life…so far! ” Cecilia Pasco with love & thanks