Reiki – Hands on Healing

What is Reiki ?

…A natural and simple healing method which allows you to absorb more life force energy. This healing energy then flows in a concentrated form through the hands of the Reiki giver.
Reiki is often described as Hands-on-Healing because the healing energy is physically transmitted through the hands.

It was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui and his teaching is handed down personally from Master to pupil. It can be learned by anyone who wishes to, and is suitable for healthy and sick people of all ages. Christina teaches his traditional system.

How can I use Reiki ?

You can use Reiki to replenish your vital energy, strengthen your immune system, heal headaches and body tensions, and dissolve fear.

Reiki is wonderfully gentle and effective on:

  • Humans (self-healing, and for others)
  • Animals (eg. horses, dogs, birds…)
  • Plants and flowers (for full blooming health!)

What does the word Reiki mean?

Rei = the cosmic universal energy Ki = the fundamental life force

Complementary treatments such as Shiatsu, Reflexology and Reiki do not create dependency…
After a course of treatment your body and spirit are strengthened from within, enabling you to be more centered and confident in living life.

It is very beneficial to follow up with a session, say every 3 or 4 weeks, to keep your life at a high level of energy and to prevent further problems re/occurring.

The 5 Reiki principles of living by Dr. Usui

After many years spent healing people, Dr. Usui developed these principles that he also said were essential to healing :

  • Just for today – thou shalt not anger.
  • Just for today, thou shalt not worry.
  • Be thankful for the many blessings.
  • Earn thy living with honest labour.
  • Be kind to thy neighbours.

Christina’s Reiki Lineage

Dr Mikao Usui – Dr Chijiro Hayashi – Hawayo Takata – Mary McFadyen – Himani – Punya Kaufeler – Christina Patient

Training in Reiki

It is a simple technique that is easy to learn, and will enrich your life. Its more about using your heart than your brain!

It is also a powerful enhancement for therapists who already work with people eg. in massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, homeopathy.

If you wish to learn the Usui system of Reiki healing, the first 2 day course takes you through Level One, where you will learn how to receive and give this energy to yourself and others.

When you are ready to take this healing to another level, you come to the next 2 day course which is called Level Two. At this level you will learn how to further strengthen this energy with the use of sacred symbols, and how to send Reiki healing across space and time (distant healing).

If you are interested in training in Reiki healing, the next step is really to book in to receive at least one Reiki healing session (and this £45 is deductible from your course fees), so that you can experience it first hand and know if it is the right path for you.

A reiki healing session is one hour and costs £45.

A pre-booked block of 3 treatments can be purchased for £120, thus a saving to you of £15.

I’m really more interested in training and enabling you to do Reiki for yourself and others – that way healing energy can spread around our world!

Reiki Training Prices

Reiki Level One £120

Reiki Level Two £190

Reiki Master £955